If you:

                • are tired of endless queues at the port of Nikolaev;
                • always look for parking lots for trucks and afraid of stealing;
                • carry the extra costs of transport delays, shortage or damage of goods;
                • want to reduce the cost of shipping and take trucks of any length/height/way of unloading,



The rent of oil production plants is $4167 per month. It includes the operation of areas, buildings and equipment. Support is also provided by our technologist, laboratory, production manager. Cost also includes completely furnished office and services of management and accountant.


If you:

                  • promote products internationally;
                  • want to advertise along the tracks;
                  • looking for free advertising space;
                  • wish to rent billboards;
                  • interested boards 3x6 m,


 If you:

                • own a business and you want to enter the European market;
                • are looking for a lawyer to represent the interests in court;
                • want to sell bad debts;
                • wish to receive legal advice,